Dr. GALL (obstetrics)


Medicine in France, Gynecology in Germany, holidays in Switzerland

Head of Department, head of clinic, practitioner hospital for a hospital career

complete beside a private Medical firm.

Specialist of Menopause, Contraception, infertility, pregnancy, Gynecology of the child.

Renowned for the installation of coil or spiral without pain.

Expert gynecologist in endoscopic microinvasive Techniques, and Laser surgeon, for outpatient surgery.

Hyperspécialisé Gynecology plastic and repair respondent anti-aging,

Urinary Incontinence, the pain and woman's delight.

PLASTY of the vagina, clitoris, lips, perineum and the termination of bowel Constipation.

Ultrasound in Gynecology, pregnancy monitoring

Ultrasound of breasts