Pascale EMERY

Coach and the emotions and stress management specialist

Since the dawn of time, man has approached the importance of having a "morale" to ensure the speed and success of a healing. Today, more and more scientific studies highlight this correlation.

In particular, techniques to reduce stress and anxiety to maximize the effect of the treatment and the quality of life of people in pain.

Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body during a physiological or psychological stress. When his remains chronically high, it can result in a depletion of the natural regeneration capacity and a range of health problems.

Now what's more stressful than the announcement of a diagnosis leading to a heavy and complicated medical treatment? It is common to feel fear, of anguish for the future, to feel anger and a sense of injustice, to feel powerless in the face of adversity.

The main techniques used

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technics)

EFT is part of the new approaches of energy psychology. A series of taps repeated, and light at the same time awareness and verbalization of feelings and emotions present, allow to calm down and release the stress generated by the memory or the evocation of the painful events. The mind becomes clear and begins to see things from a new angle, more positive and more creative.

Cardiac coherence

Popularized in the early 2000s by the Dr. David Servan-Schreiber, cardiac coherence rebalances the autonomous nervous systems sympathetic and parasympathetic, allowing the body to increase both its ability to repair, regeneration and performance during physical or mental efforts. This consistency can be induced easily and quickly by a well-defined rhythm of breathing.


Coaching is designed primarily to get the real issues that lie behind the apparent problem. It allows to consider the situation outside the usual framework, and thus to be able to see emerging solutions who seemed inaccessible before. You become able to take control of your life, step by step, by implementing a series of objectives specific, measurable, and accessible, bringing all to a purpose desired.

Important note: this guidance does not replace any medical treatment! TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR! The results are fast and measurable, without being immediate. It is a process that requires a personal investment in a few weeks or months, depending on your initial state and the goal.

These techniques are not supported by health insurance, but their effectiveness is better recognized by science daily. So, what's the price of your health and your well-being?